Thursday, 19 August 2010

The path

The path to the Truth is just a thought. 
Where will this path start and finish when everything is in you? 
Who is walking on this path when everything is you and is ... just a thought? 
Who are you beyond the ideas of what you think you are? 
Where are you located when you know you are not body, mind and feelings? 
Have you ever questioned your ideas about yourself, the world and your goals? 
The distance from what your mind is looking for, call it Self or whatever, is just the distance of a thought. 
When the thought drops, what is left? 
What really is!

Seeking the Truth

The idea of ‘seeking the Truth’ is itself illusory because it implies ‘somebody’ seeking ‘something’ separate from itself or in itself. And thus teachers and schools emerge giving practices, paths and goals to achieve. Can you achieve your Self? You ARE your Self! It’s only when the wrong ideas of finding or achieving something fall away that the Reality remains uncovered from the illusions. Until our attention is absorbed in ideas, concepts, forms and feeling, it won’t go ‘back’ or ‘merge back’ in the unspeakable, still Absolute which is the essence behind all.

Until it is intuitionally realised that the world including the subject or the individual who perceives it together with the perception of the world and thoughts, appear and disappear all together in consciousness at the presence of the Absolute, there will still be a sense of duality or subject-object. Until all concept about who we are and about the world are investigated fully and realised as perceptions hold together in memory and thus not independently existent apart from who perceives them, the awareness of the absolute from the absolute will not happen. Even the latter will be in consciousness; behind it there are no concepts or experiences. When the attention ‘stops’ in this awareness then the Absolute ‘sees’ itself on the mirror of consciousnesses as presence or existence. 

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

On the infinite wings of my mind

On the infinite wings of my Mind, I travel in Mind’s realms,
As a patient witness of all his wanderings.
Enchanting paths of sorrow and joy lie before me,
And I wonder is it real or is it a dream?
I entered the door of this universe with a veil around me,
And lo! all of a sudden I am one with you, my dear, humble Mind,
I am one with you!
Where is my Infinity?
“It’s in you, companion of mine, it’s in you!” whispered Mind, ceasing his
wanderings to show my Self to me.
We stopped but ah, witness I was no more!
We stopped before the golden doors of….of My Heart?
Yes, my Heart!
The veil I dropped to enter the chambers of My Heart!
“O Mind, you won’t be worried if I leave you here?
No longer can I wander any more with you in joy and ecstasy!
The light of My Heart I can’t resist my friend!
This veil I give you back, its magic I want no more!”
“Wait, oh wait, companion of mine,” Mind implored,
“My friend! Your follower I will always be!”
The chambers of My Heart we entered, my Mind and Me,
United in Infinity!
(Poem from "Secret messages from the heart", image from Sara J. Agape)

Friday, 25 June 2010

The Avadhut

The Avadhut the un-associated being – un-associated with memories, thoughts or projections about himself or others, about past, present and future…pure Awareness reflected in the mirror of consciousness….

Monday, 3 May 2010

Other readers' comments about "Secret messages from the heart"

“Sara’s book came as a welcome breath of fresh air connecting directly from her heart to mine. It reached me without any of the false sophistication of modern life but with a simplicity that took me back seventy years to my childhood. I was allowed to develop my own thoughts and understanding without the need for any religious dogmas. The scenes were set using an interspersed arrangement of verse and Divine Mother’s discussion with her children, Mind and Soul, that allowed me time to think while I read it slowly. It is a modern development of some of the ideas of the writer of “The cloud of unknowing” and other mystic saints of all faiths over the centuries." (This image is copyright of Sara J. Agape)
This book is unlike any book I have read before. Written like an exquisite fairy tale for adults, where the main characters wrestle with complex philosophical and spiritual concepts, it is immensely readable. I found that the discourses involving the Divine Mother soothed my mind and touched my soul. When reading became too much of an effort, it was equally rewarding to look at the inspired photographs, as they convey their own deep messages. I look forward to Sara's next book.